Whatever exists in universe has been subject of interest of someone at some point in human history. Whether it is the universe itself or whether it is the one who is deliberating on it i.e. the human being, has always attracted the curious minds. Some of us are exploring the land, some skies and some oceans. Whatever filed one has chosen to explore it turns out that since the first person started doing it, till present, the exploration is going on. It never stopped, it keeps unfolding, it keeps revealing itself and we get surprised with every next revelation of nature that we actually knew too little till yesterday. From an atom to a space ship what we knew till yesterday has invited and eventually enabled us to think and find something brand new today.

We the mankind have common heritage on that. Whether it was pre-historic or the Middle Ages civilization or a modern mind, everyone have made their contribution and have passed on the candle to the next heir with responsibility and care. When we join the dots backward we can draw the line. Of something that we are using today was discovered at some point down the line and refined to its present form.

One such area that has always attracted us is the “Human Understanding”. How we understand things and how we make sense of the universe around us had been an area of interest from ancient times. At one level it is indispensable part of all other understandings that follow this primary one. Turning the pages of history backwards we learn that we can trace this exploration to ancient times. Philosophy is one manifestation of it. We talk about Socratic and Pre-Socratic philosophy and I am sure that there is some useful work in this regard from that time. None the less the first name that is mostly attached with study of ‘logic’ is that of Aristotle. It is said that Aristotle after teaching Physics would teach lessons to students that were called “Meta ta Physica” i.e. after Physics that later took the name of Meta Physics. The study of Metaphysics that at some level can be traced till Aristotle has continued and evolved ever since. Some of the most brilliant minds have worked on this throughout the history of mankind. The discoveries in other fields and conducts have shaped and altered the course of this filed throughout the journey. We had our Eureka moments as mankind. Imagine the Eureka moment of Plato, of Ibne-Khaldoon, of Ibne-Sina, of Galileo, of Copernicus, of Newton, of Rutherford, of Einstein and of Telsa, of Freud and of Einstein. Each and every contribution towards our collective knowledge, our collection consciousness and our collective understanding. Millions of years of evolution and development have led to our current understanding of ‘How we understand’. The biggest manifestation and marvel (if not a miracle) of that long journey is our own mind, our own self and our own ability to understand. However when we look at the journey and the milestones of some big personalities and contributors then we identify some significant school of thoughts that have made their impact throughout the course of history. We can explore who they are.